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My skincare routine consists of a few daily products and a few weekly products, but this Advanced Cellular Renewal Cream by Regenerage Life has to be my favorite, by far. My skin is naturally dry, fair, and sensitive. Every morning and night I apply a dime sized amount to my T zone and under eye areas and I have never seen a product make my skin so bright, clear and youthful as this one. Their formula consists of over 98 peptides derived from natural sources and their main ingredient being Bioquantine.

Bioquantine is a natural ingredient patented by Regenerage and it is used to regenerate cells. For skin, the ingredient can rebuild damaged, aged or wrinkled skin and work as an advanced prevention tool to prevent damage in the future. It has also been recognized as a miracle in the medical industry, helping with longevity in patients, and cellular regeneration. The cream is definitely a luxury product, but for the price and outcome it is 100% worth it. One jar usually lasts me around 6-8 weeks.


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