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If you haven't heard of Shein, they're an online fashion store focused mainly on women's clothing, shoes, accessories and home decor. They're located mainly in China, but I believe they've expanded a few warehouses to the US. They are widely known for being extremely affordable and with the addition of AfterPay to their platform, they just became even more inviting.

The first time I placed an order through Shein was fall of 2018. I purchased 5 hoodies and sweaters, they we're delivered in about 10 days, and I LOVED every. single. one of them. I couldn't believe the quality of product I was getting for the price. I thought it was too good to be true. The next order I placed with them was a few months later, and again, I was able to purchase a few items at a very affordable price and they arrived pretty quickly considering they were coming from China.

On top of the already affordable cost, the Shein mobile app lets you check in every day and earn points as well as earn (up to hundreds) of points every time you review an order. 100 points is equal to a $1 and you can use your points to pay for up to 70% of your whole order. CRAZY, I know. If you check in daily, the points add up quickly. They also have daily events like lightning deals, where items are marked down to as low as $0.99. Students also get an extra 15% discount. I find myself placing an order with Shein once every two weeks or so. They're addicting.

That being said, I have ordered A TON of stuff from Shein. I would honestly say that almost all of it was high quality and well worth the price. But, with prices that low, there has to be a defect in quality at some point. I have experienced a few bad items. I ordered canvas posters that came low quality and pixelated, a few of the lingerie items I received were not the quality I was expecting them to be, and some of the leggings were a little see through. While looking through their products, you can read reviews and with good judgment be able to decide if the item is worth trying.

I would recommend everyone try ordering from Shein at least once and if you're not satisfied with your purchase at least it wasn't a huge investment. Here's some of my favorite items that I would vouch for over and over again.


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