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Wet N' Wild is one of my favorite drug store cosmetics brands, and I recently found out that you can order from their website with AfterPay, so I was immediately interested in checking out their online products. They do free shipping for all orders over $10 and for your first order, they give you 15% off. I was quick to check out the clearance section and realized that they have a ton of insanely low priced deals.

I ended up ordering over 20 items for about $35 and I was beyond satisfied with the quality of everything for the cost. Two of my favorite purchases were box sets that were marked extremely low on clearance, and luckily for you they're still available :)

The first box set was The Rose Quartz variation of the Crystal Cavern line. The box included:
- perfume roller
- a face mist
- brightening/highlighting rocks
- a highlighter palette
- an eyeshadow trio
- and a lip gloss.
I've tried every one of the products and can confidently say they are well worth the price. The whole box set is on sale for $10. I couldn't believe the quality of everything for only $10. Plus, if it's your first order and you take 15% off, that's only $8.50 for 6 amazing products.

I didn't purchase the full Crystal Cavern Box Set, but I'm highly considering it. For $25 you get every variation of the crystal line, which includes the Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Jade, and Amethyst editions. That's 15 products for $25, or $21.25 with the 15% off deal on your first order. The box includes:
- Mega Glo Face Mist- Aura Booster, 1.0 fl oz
- Mega Glo Brightening Rocks- Infinity Stones, 0.35 fl oz
- Mega Glo Highlighter- Crystal High, 0.12 fl oz
- Jade Perfume Roller- Prosperity, 0.23 fl oz
- Amethyst Perfume Roller- Balance, 0.23 fl oz
- Clear Quartz Perfume Roller- Healing, 0.23 fl oz
- Rose Quartz Perfume Roller- Love, 0.23 fl oz
- Mega Glo Eyeshadow Trio- Jade, 0.12 fl oz
- Mega Glo Eyeshadow Trio- Amethyst, 0.12 fl oz
- Mega Glo Eyeshadow Trio- Clear Quartz, 0.12 fl oz
- Mega Glo Eyeshadow Trio- Rose Quartz, 0.12 fl oz
- Mega Glo Lip Gloss- Jade, 0.12 fl oz
- Mega Glo Lip Gloss- Amethyst, 0.12 fl oz
- Mega Glo Lip Gloss- Clear Quartz, 0.12 fl oz
- Mega Glo Lip Gloss- Rose Quartz, 0.12 fl oz

The second product set I purchased and HIGHLY RECOMMEND is the MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Tin. This set comes with 8 liquid lipsticks, 4 metallic and 4 matte. All of the colors in this set (pictured above) are absolutely gorgeous, and the whole set was only $10, $8.50 with the first order discount. I'm so excited for these and I plan on using them every day! If you don't hop on this opportunity, you're definitely missing out.


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