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Finding quality jewelry can be tricky. As someone who enjoys wearing their bling 24/7, dealing with the pesky green stained skin is not only frustrating, but ultimately results in me feeling as though I’ve thrown away hard earned cash on something that should last for years.

That’s when I found Mejuri. A canadian-based jewelry company that sells ethically made gold and diamond rings, necklaces, and more without all the insane mark-ups. They even include a free two year warranty on all of their products.

So I decided to give it a go. I bought three different styles of earrings, all 14k gold that ended up costing me $230 before tax. After months of continuous wear, not only did I end up loving them, but I went ahead and purchased a 14k stacker ring and some gold vermeil earrings accented with raw pearls.

The quality is there and the company is attentive and well managed. If you’re on the market for some simple yet aesthetically pleasing accessories, then go ahead and scroll through their instagram inspired looks and decide for yourself if they appeal to your own unique fashion tastes.


I’m a Chicagoland based mom of one that loves writing about the products I love - or don’t. Lets face it, customer reviews have become so doctored that reading them alone makes you pity the AI or catfish that wrote them (I can’t be the only one). Not only do I write under my birth given name, but I offer genuine opinions and product reviews that are worth the read. Stay tuned to find out more and feel free to contact me at any time!